Social Media Policy

Ozu Shoten Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) sets the following terms of use for official SNS (hereinafter referred to as “the terms”) and complies with them in order to operate our official social media accounts. All users should use services of our official accounts in reference to the terms.

1. Purpose of Use
Our company conducts communicative activities through social media in order to give more people some knowledge of our company and disseminate the fascinating world of Japanese washi paper to the world.

2. Principles of Action

  • Our company shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and our office regulation.
  • Our company understands characteristics of Internet.
  • Our company prohibits any infringements of the rights of any third party which include copyright infringement and defamation, and respects their privacy.
  • Our company prohibits the disclosure of our confidential information and undisclosed information about our customers and clients.
  • Our company shall manage personal information provided by users in accordance with our company’s Privacy Policy.

3. Disclaimers

  • The information posted on our social media accounts may be changed according to circumstances.
  • Please note that the contents and the ways of communication (reply to inquiry, response time, etc.) may differ depending on each social media account.
  • Our company assume no responsibility for any contents posted by users.
  • Please be forewarned that our company is unable to reply to postings given by users individually.
  • Our company assume no responsibility for damage caused by problems between users or between a user and a third party.
  • Our company assume no responsibility for any damages of the customers caused by using services of our official accounts or being unable to use the services for some reason.
    In addition, our company is unable to answer any questions about system operation conditions, techniques, functions of software, and usage of each social media.
  • Our company may use some contents posted by users as analytical data for our future activities and marketing. Even in this case, users will obtain neither remuneration right nor any other rights related to our development.
  • Our company may end our operation of our official accounts and delete our official accounts without prior notice.
  • Our company may change our Social Media Policy without prior notice. The new Social Media Policy comes into effect at the time of its disclosure on our company’s website.

4. Reasons for Item Deletion
Our company expects all users not to post the following contents. If these contents are posted, our company will delete or modify them as necessary.

  • Information or posting which is not related to each official account.
  • Information or posting which includes defamation or infringement of third party’s right.
  • Information or posting including illegal information or obscene content.
  • Uploading copyrighted software without permission.
  • Uploading a file which carries a computer virus.
  • Information or posting in which signature or legal notice is deleted.
  • Information or posting whose composer’s name is disguised.
  • Other information or posting which our company considers inappropriate in our site operation.

5. For Customers, Clients, and Users
All information provided in our social media are not our official announcements/opinions. For the official announcements/opinions, please check our website and news release.

6. Our official Social Media Accounts