Privacy Policy

Basic Principles for Protection of Personal Information.

Ozu Shoten Ltd. (hereafter, the Company) recognizes the importance of the personal information of their customers and business partners, and strictly complies with applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information. In addition, we regard improvements in confidence and reliability through the proper handling of personal information as a basic business responsibility, and continue to strive to fulfill this responsibility.

Personal Information Protection Policy

[Observance of laws and regulations]
The Company complies with the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information in all situations, and also complies with other relevant laws and regulations.

[Acquisition of personal information]
When the Company wishes to obtain personal information, the owner of the information (customer or business partner) is informed of the purpose of use of the personal information, and asked for their consent before the information is acquired.

[Use of personal information]
The Company uses personal information only within the scope of use for which the owner of the information (customer or business partner) has given consent.

[Security management measures]
When the Company handles personal information, every effort is made to appropriately control the access, so that there is no unauthorized access, loss of personal information, falsification or leaks.

[Oversight of subcontractors]
The Company may entrust personal information to subcontractors in the course of conducting business in accordance with the intended use of the personal information. The Company requires such third-party subcontractors to properly handle the personal information, and works to prevent leaks or redistribution of the personal information from the third-party by instituting measures such as contractual agreements, as necessary.

[Limitation on provision to third parties]
The Company does not provide information to any third party except when the consent of the owner of the information (customer or business partner) has been obtained, or in cases recognized by law.

[Information disclosure, correction, etc.]
If a customer or business partner who has provided personal information to the Company requests disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of their own information, the Company will handle the request appropriately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

About the personal information that is obtained by the Company

In principle, the personal information obtained by the Company is used for the following purposes:

For activities like sales and marketing of Company products and services, and provision of relevant information.
To provide information related to Company products, services and events.
To contact stakeholders, such as suppliers and subcontractors, and to deliver documents.
To handle tasks, such as inquiries and fulfilling requests for documents and information.
To create data and statistical information that is required for Company business operations, such as compilation of customer and business partner comments and requests.

If the personal information will be used for a purpose other than those described above, such use will be disclosed in advance.

Handling of personal information via use of the web site

Use of cookies and access logs
The Company web site uses cookies and access logs for some of the services for the purposes of product development and to further improve service, including statistical analysis of the access data.
In such cases, there is no identification of specific user personal information, and no impairment of the user's privacy or to the use environment.
*A cookie is a data file that is sent by a server to be saved on a user's device when the user accesses a web site.

Protection of personal information at link destinations
The Company website may contain links to other web sites outside the Company. The Company cannot be responsible for the protection of personal information on such external web sites, or for any content that is contained on such web sites.


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